Scheduled Delivery Process

Independent Electric offers Logistics Services that ensure our customers receive products in the right place, at the right time, helping to reduce costly material handling at the jobsite. Our logistics specialists work with our customers to provide a variety of processes to help streamline their supply chain operations.

Our logistics solutions have become an integral part of what we do. From material kitting to offsite storage of lighting and gear jobs, we have proven that we can handle even the most difficult jobs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

At Independent Electric, we provide a scheduled delivery process for our customers to reduce the overall number of jobsite material deliveries. Rather than receive material every day, we work with our customers to plan ahead and reduce order cycles to just a couple times a week. We deliver material on carts upon request, to your specifications, and bring them right to the jobsite.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

We also offer onsite Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI) solutions. Our customers can significantly reduce the time currently spent handling material and allocate more time for productive installation. VMI offers the following cost savings benefits:

  • Labor reduction receiving and putting away material
  • Increases productivity in the field
  • Increases productivity by reducing order processing by purchasing agents
  • Generates fewer invoices thereby reducing overall transactional cost
  • Reduces last minute material requirements
  • Reduces down time due to inadequate jobsite inventory

Our specialists at Independent Electric will come to the jobsite, inventory your material, replenish your material and restock your carts on a regular basis.

The Independent Electric Virtual Warehouse Tool

Our Virtual Warehouse allows customers to manage their projects through a secure website, available 24/7. This tool also ensures just-in-time delivery since we have the products you need already stocked in our warehouse.  Click here to visit our Virtual Warehouse.

Evolving with our Customers

We understand that change is both necessary and positive. The needs and expectations of our customers are changing, and to succeed we must meet and exceed those expectations.

For More Information

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