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Manage Lists

With saved lists, there is no need to sift through dozens of categories and thousands of products to get the items you want. You can create different lists for different projects or purposes… you decide!

There are 3 types of lists:

  • Public Lists are commonly used products that we setup and maintain for you.
  • Account Lists are shared with all users assigned to your organization on the website. Anyone in your company with online access can create an Account List.
  • Private lists are lists based on your own user profile, which you maintain.

Create a New List

To create a new list, select one or more items you want to add to the list and select Add To New Private List or New Account List.  You will be prompted to create a name for the list.  Then select Add to List to create the list and add the selected items to it:

View All Lists

To view all available lists, select Lists from the page header section:

On the Lists page, you can view all private, account or public lists. You can also remove lists that you've created.

View Individual Lists

Click on a list name to open it up and view the items that are in the list.

While in the list, you can do any of the following:

  • Add one or more items to your cart
  • Add items to the list
  • Change the name of the list if you are the author of the list
  • Export the list to Excel
  • Print the List
  • Add one or more items from this list to another list
  • Remove items from the list