Safety & Tools


As you know, Arc flash explosions are a serious hazard to anyone working with electrical systems. In 1/1000 of a second, temperatures can increase by up to 35,000 degrees causing serious burns, hearing loss, vision loss, lung damage, concussion, and even death to those in a 10- to 15-foot radius. You also have to be concerned about valley fever, asbestos exposure, road safety, and a host of other dangers.

Of course you want to keep your employees safe and healthy—that’s a given. So you train them, you give them incentives, and you provide them with the equipment and supplies to get the job done right. But that’s not what keeps you up at night; it’s OSHA compliance.

Anyone can sell you products and let you place orders from their catalog, But you need more than products. You need to know you’re getting the right product. You need to be able to ask questions and get answers. You need solutions to your safety challenges. You need someone who’s familiar with NFPA 70e standards—not just to make sure you’re OSHA compliant, but to prevent injury to your people and damage to your equipment.


There are at least 10 major tool manufacturers and even more minor ones. And within those brands, there are literally hundreds of tools to choose from. And for each job you need to do, there are probably 15 tools to help you do it. So how do you narrow down your final choice—by price, features, quality, add-ons? Just how high quality of a tool do you need and how much are you going to use it? Most importantly, what, specifically, do you need that tool to do?

The truth is, no one tool manufacturer will likely have all the tools you need. And some manufacturers are better at certain types of tools, like pulling wire, for example. At Independent Electric Supply, our sales representatives will help you sift through the brands, purposes, and features to find the right tool, at the right price for the right job.

Call on the safety and tool experts at Independent Electric Supply for the products, information, and expertise you need to keep your employees safe and keep your company OSHA-compliant.

Please contact Dale Lanik (Arizona) for more information on Tools and Safety.

Download the Tool & Safety Brochure HERE.