Power Systems

ips-logo-2013Whether you purchase your electrical equipment locally, regionally, or online, you need it on time and as ordered. And most of the time, “off the shelf” won’t do the job. You need someone who can look at your engineer’s specifications, develop a bid based on those specs, and design a system to meet the specific needs of your project.

Independent Power Systems  (IPS) provides complete switchgear configuration, provisioning and programming for projects like those listed below. The IPS team is staffed by highly experienced engineers and experts from the industries and manufacturers they serve. These consultants have worked with all voltage classes of distribution systems and represent manufacturers who design and manufacture high voltage equipment for large distribution systems and substations.

You can rely on IPS to understand the requirements of the plans and specifications you provide, and work with manufacturers to get what you need. Or, we can work on a design-build basis where you provide a one-line diagram and we work with our manufacturers to design a system and provide equipment, layouts, and specifications. Then, once you approve the drawings, you’re assured of getting the right equipment, at the right place, at the right time.

Below are some our our recent projects:

  • High Winds Wind Farm, 230KV – 34.5 KV substation, collection system, control building, and capacitor banks for FPL&E in Solano, CA.
  • Combine Hills Wind Farm, 72KV – 34.5 KV substation, control building, and capacitor banks for Rosendin Electric. Project was in Oregon.
  • Metcalf Energy Center, 230KV Switching Station with Wilson Construction; Generator Circuit Breakers and Power Transformers for Calpine’s Power Plant in San Jose, CA.
  • Schnitzer Steel Products, 115 KV Substation, Breakers and Control Buildings, Oakland, CA.
  • SMUD-Russell Substation, 230KV – 21KV Substation addition for SMUD wind Farm in Solano, CA. Our customer is System 3, Inc. Included Power transformer, Breakers, control building, and circuit switchers.
  • Crescent Ridge Wind Farm, 138KV Utility Interconnect Substation, 138KV – 34.5 KV Wind Farm substation, collection system, control building, and capacitor banks for Wind Energy Constructors